Built a cross-platform application which provides pasword less and authentication solutions.


  • Rewriting the Identity portal in reactJS 
  • A microservice was developed to check the liveness of the images to use across applications
  • Automated tests for various scenarios and added test data to unit tests to test all possible input data
  • Set up the infrastructure for BI application for Data analytics in Azure VM’s
  • Provided an end-to-end automated solution to block the malicious IP’s and built infra using terraform (Infrastructure management tool)
  • Setup and publish docker images to ACR (Azure Container Registry)
  • Deployed application to Apache superset and Vertica in AKS services
  • Tested BioWeb application and identified critical bugs

Key Features

  • CloudFormation for AWS services.
  • Automation for adding data sources.
  • Near real time data sync.
  • Notifications & Alerts.
Key Metrics

Quality Improvement


Code Optimization

Technology Stack