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About Shyam Palreddy

Shyam Palreddy, the CEO of PalTech, a well-known entrepreneur, mentor and investor in the technology space is an alum of IIT Kanpur and Microsoft. Prior to PalTech, Shyam founded GGK Technologies and led it to being ranked for 3 consecutive years in the Deloitte’s Fastest 50 IT Companies in India and APAC. He has been on a journey of building self-managed engineering teams, keeping energy high, earning employees’ trust, and delivering commitments to clients for three decades.

With a firm belief in an innovation-driven work culture, Shyam leads organizations and teams which nurture happier and more engaged employees. Over the years, this investment in people has evolved into a formidable competitive edge which ensures consistent delivery of resilient solutions and outcomes to clients.

As the world moves towards a future where technology penetrates and envelops every aspect of life, PalTech has established a sustainable culture and demonstrated an ability to adapt to fast-paced technological evolution. To co-create software that is seamless and friendly for all stakeholders is a key goal. The Pals @ PalTech achieve this with high energy, passion to learn and hunger to innovate. This culture creates best of breed software for the clients.


Tenets of PalTech


Why we Build

Customer Delight | Seamlessly Integrated | Self Healing

PalTech was envisaged with a vision to build software that is flexible yet resilient and therefore bounces back fast from glitches. It gives a friendly experience – the joy that the Pals @ PalTech find in developing the software should be mirrored on all touchpoints. So when software is seamlessly integrated rather than working in silos it can read the mind of the users.


How we Build

Advisors | Designers | Engineers

Providing not just engineering solutions but taking on the role as an advisor by asking hard questions early and creating a well thought out design, the Pals @PalTech go the 11th mile to build top-quality software that provides a competitive edge. The Pals are self-driven with high energy, passion to learn and hunger to innovate.


What we Build

Cutting Edge Solutions | Operational Efficiencies | Collaboration

Commitment to Quality, Commitment to Deliverables/Timeline, and Commitment to Co-creation is the corner stone of the digital solutions built by PalTech across technologies and verticals. Meticulous designing from the start with effective collaboration and shared goals leads to creation of top-notch software built on-budget and on-time.

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