Application Modernization

Transform interfaces, business logic, integrations & infrastructure
App Modernization
We help you advance in legacy code re-factorizations and automated migrations to leverage the benefits of the modern stack and reduce costs

Application Modernization Services

App Modernization
Application Portfolio Rationalization
We assess your legacy applications’ health on 20+ technical & functional parameters to provide the right portfolio consolidation recommendations – Retain, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rehost, Replace, Re-platform and Retire.
App Modernization
Application Re-architecture
We break down your rigid monolithic architecture into microservices, and make your modules as a package of independent components, each of its own can be deployed independently with unique storage & compute processes.
App Modernization
Application Re-factorization
We analyze and rewrite your legacy code to extend the functionality, create a rich user interface, embed complex business workflows, and support a wide variety of modern non-relational data management and cloud ecosystem.
App Modernization
Cloud Migration
We migrate your applications to the cloud by systematically moving its service & business components that consists of app code, business logic, data access layer and database by following a hybrid low-risk cloud migration strategy.
App Modernization
Data Democratization
We integrate your business information spread across multiple databases and file systems at a central cloud-based location with automatic backups & disaster recovery mechanisms and make it available for self-service insights.
App Modernization
API Enablement
We expose your legacy applications & data storage systems to other departments, suppliers & customers. Also, integrate your portfolio with the 3rd Party APIs like CRM, Payment Gateways, Analytics & Messaging Services.
App Modernization
DevOps Introduction
We let you adopt the modern Agile + DevOps culture and assemble deployment toolchains to deliver hassle-free new application releases frequently driven by CI-CD pipelines, Infra as a Code and Auto-Provisioning.
App Modernization
We create the mobile presence of your business applications by developing a native app that unleashes the full potential of mobile devices or cross-platform apps with reusable code & consistent code across iOS & Android.
App Modernization
Legacy Maintenance
We maintain the performance of your legacy applications till sunset through regular QA audits, version upgrades, security patches, logic corrections, bug-fixing, API & stored procedure performance tuning.

Pillars of Application Modernization

App Modernization

Strangle the Monolith

Incrementally withdraw the monolith from service by replacing functions with isolated implementations

App Modernization

Modern Capabilities

Build well-structured APIs with clear ownership and reward for reuse

App Modernization

Seamless Connectivity

Create an ecosystem, not an isolated business app by connecting with 3rd party ecosystem

App Modernization

Scalable Infrastructure

Make applications available 99.99% by using cloud storage, computing, hosting and network services

App Modernization

Security with Compliance

Meet industry-specific security and privacy requirements through DevSecOps adoption across the app lifecycle

Customer FAQs & Our Responses

1. How do you choose the right 6R modernization methodology?

We rationalize your legacy applications tech stack, code quality & size, database tables, stored procedures, local jobs, test scripts, caching, authorization, SSO, logging, backup, monitoring and infrastructure details against cost, scalability and user needs relevance. Then our experts suggest the right solution that is easily maintainable, testable, isolatable and works seamlessly leveraging the modern cloud ecosystem. Also, we start with an easily executable pilot project and then migrate all data and functionality in a systematic approach with zero impact on BAU.

2. How do you choose the right tools & technologies?

We continuously observe the market reports on top programming languages, frameworks, databases, web servers, and serverless cloud stack, evaluating them against time to design, cost of development, support community, and security breach history. Then we pick the right tools & technologies based on your business case, delivery timelines, peripheral tech stack, system load, userbase, and skillset availability to support in the future.

3. What coding, testing, and deployment practices do you follow?

We follow the 12 Factor App Methodology for building scalable, independent, and resilient enterprise products. It defines best practices for developing Software as a Service focusing on service level codebase separation, dev/test/prod environment parity, infra as a code creation, building separation, and deployment automation. We also follow the CAP theorem for creating a distributed data store system to overcome unavailability and network failure.

4. How do you ensure a smoother transition from an incumbent vendor?

We collect your application’s technical, functional, process, and domain knowledge from your incumbent vendor or in-house team through our proven knowledge acquisition and validation practices. In scenarios of no documentation or limited SME support, we assign a cross-functional team to do the reverse engineering on your ecosystem and create a portfolio knowledge repository with as-is and to-be roadmap documentation.

5. What project management and governance methodologies do you follow?

We follow an agile project delivery model with a two-week sprint cycle to create frequent team connects, increase visibility, reduce knowledge gaps, and accommodate scope changes quickly based on user feedback. Our project delivery CoE – a team of technical and functional experts acts as a support system for audits, training, and guidance. Our Project Manager and Client Partner work as risk mitigation managers and prevent unexpected outcomes.

Application Modernization Maturity Curve

We help you move to the next level using a simple formula

Modernize Applications

App Modernization


App Modernization


Maturity – Level 1

  • Legacy applications storage & compute running on bare metal
  • Manual deployment, monitoring & maintenance
  • Manual deployment, monitoring & maintenance

Maturity – Level 2

  • Virtualized workloads
  • Partially automated app build & run
  • Exploring enterprise cloud architecture

Maturity – Level 3

  • Rationalized Application Portfolio to make cloud ready
  • Fully automated build & run
  • Exploring DevOps & Infra as a Code

Maturity – Level 4

  • Microservices to stateless design for greenfield apps
  • Hybrid cloud with Open stack, AWS, Azure & GCP
  • DevSecOps

Our Technology Stack

App Modernization
App Modernization
App Modernization
App Modernization
App Modernization
App Modernization

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App Modernization


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App Modernization

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Up to 70% increase in performance and loading speed of apps

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