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Client Speak

Client Speak

PalTech: Delivering the quality with principle

PalTech has always been there on time, right from the inception of the projects to clarity on deliverables, execution and measurable outcomes.

What’s our clients says about us?

Client Speak

The Culture of Measurable Success

A right fit offshore enterprise-grade consulting partner having an experienced team working with different verticals and advanced technologies that ensures seamless quality delivery at speed and enables a holistic approach to monitor and measure impacts on objectives.

  • Communication and Collaboration – PalTech teams integrate and align well, providing an opportunity to work closely with like-minded tech enthusiasts professionals who are innovative and result oriented.
  • Commitment and Capabilities – Commitment and Capabilities – PalTech delivers commitment as promised with capabilities built on people, processes, and technologies.
  • Engineering Mindset – Engineering thinking and application is followed across PalTech to innovate and do what it takes.
  • Leadership Mindshare – PalTech’s leadership involvement at each stage of partnership enables them to be large enough to deliver on the expectations and yet small enough to be nimble and accommodative to ensure client success and delight.
  • Agile Methodology – PalTech follows the advanced agile methodology to increase the effectiveness of the outcome at every stage.
  • Skillset – PalTech has depth in resource availability to align high-quality performing engineers with every project across the service line and domain.
Client Speak


Director Data Analytics

A leading Healthcare Payer based out of the Midwest

The quality, speed of execution, and customer approach from PalTech were vastly superior. I would recommend PalTech for challenging technical projects which require rapid solutions.


A leading FinTech ISV based out of NYC

We appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements and deliver on the commitment. We’ve reduced our development costs and decreased the timeline for new features and updates.


A leading B2B eCommerce Enterprise based out of Chicago

The relationship turned out to be very good. We saw no need to look for alternatives as the quality, speed of execution, and customer approach were phenomenal. PalTech proved to be a highly skilled and reliable technology partner.

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