Build Operate & Transfer (BOT)

Reduce Out Sourcing Risk | Remove the uncertainty from building a remote Tech Team | Delivery Value on the Fly
Build Operate & Transfer
Hire Your Build Operate Transfer Tech Team
Build Operate & Transfer

Why Should You Opt for BOT

Organizations desire control over their digital future. This is where the Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) strategy helps them grow, create new skills, and remain competitive while saving money and resources. Listed are a few advantages of BOT:

  • Helps strike a balance between the Development of Internal Capabilities and the Utilization of External Expertise.
  • Obtain a technical stack that helps you compete in the market.
  • Easy scaling or pivoting to new ventures.
  • Helps to set priorities around recent innovations in robotics, automation, and cognitive technology.
  • Aids in bringing the best balance among cost, capability, and control.
  • Assures value even before making significant investments in your captive unit

Our Approach

We help our partners incorporate remote IT talent into their operations
through unique leadership tactics.

  • Integrated Strategy and well-defined transformation goal
  • Leadership commitment from the CEO through middle management
  • Deploying and managing high-caliber talent
  • An agile governance mindset that drives broader adoption
  • Effective monitoring of progress toward defined outcomes
Build Operate & Transfer
Build Operate & Transfer
Build the Foundation
  • Immediate & Long Term Goal definition
  • Define Org Structure, PMO Scaling Goals and KPIs
  • Hire and On-Board Team
  • Begin Knowledge Transfer
  • Set Up Infrastructure and Access Management
Build Operate & Transfer
Build Operate & Transfer
Build Operate & Transfer
On The Job Training & Delivery
  • Project Execution and Resource Management
  • Governance, Risk Mitigation and Reporting
  • Scale up to final team size
  • Knowledge Capture and Retention for the future transfer
Build Operate & Transfer
Build Operate & Transfer
Build Operate & Transfer
Takeover by Capable Teams
  • Transfer people, knowledge base, and assets
  • Locate and set up facilities, communication links
  • Regsiter Subsidiary
  • YoY productivity gains and spend reduction
  • Continuous Improvements
Build Operate & Transfer
Build Operate & Transfer
Set Direction
We align with client on goals for results and incentives
Quick Start
Our digital talent ignites the Transformation
Deliver @speed and @scale
Teams operate by our fast-paced standards to learn by doing, deploy solutions, & maximum adoption
Sustainable Impact
Client Progresses to take over from day one

Bottom-Up vs Top-Down: Choose your BOT starting Point

Build Operate & Transfer

Control Your Own Trajectory

Build Operate & Transfer

Talent Pools

Build Operate & Transfer

Data &

Build Operate & Transfer

Employee Skills & Knowledge

Build Operate & Transfer

Technologies & Systems

Build Operate & Transfer

Management Team & Strategy

Build Operate & Transfer


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