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We are the Advisors, the Designers, the Engineers. With a zeal to learn we are driven to innovate and co-create digital solutions for real world problems.

What’s In It For You


The Culture of Happiness

A place that encourages and supports every professional- at work and in life

  • Cross Functional Collaboration – You’ll work closely with a group of leaders and like-minded tech enthusiasts who’ll make your work-life more productive.
  • Transparency – An open culture for communication gives the clarity of mission and vision across the company.
  • Diversity – Our inclusive culture fosters engagement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging that reflects by a diverse technology workforce and the value we deliver.
  • Autonomy for Innovation – You have the free hand to go beyond the designated role to learn and experiment in order to get a competitive edge over your peers in the industry.
  • Learning & Growth – With PalTech, you land yourself a host of opportunities to learn and work in the newest and latest cutting-edge technology and grow rapidly.
  • Recognition – We have a well-defined process to acknowledge and reward the hard work and accomplishments of individuals, teams, and the entire workforce.


Deepika Verma

Sr. Software Engineer

The quality of work we do here gives me satisfaction.

Vamshi Sai

Quality Engineer

I love the open-minded atmosphere and exciting work here.

Poojitha Ramya

Principal Software Engineer

All the stakeholders support and appreciate the innovative ideas.

Vineeth Konda

Business Analyst

Pal’s here brings out the best in me by encouraging, guiding, and empowering me to think outside the box.

Chandra Kanth

Data Engineer

Every assignment I work on comes with new learning and opportunities to grow further in my career.

Venkat Naidu

Cloud Specialist

I like the diverse culture and enjoy working with bright, intelligent peers.

Success Stories



Simplifying NuGet Dependency Management with NuGetSolver

Introduction:  Navigating the intricate web of dependencies in software projects can be a daunting task for developers. With numerous direct and transitive dependencies scattered across multiple projects, managing compatibility issues and version conflicts becomes a significant challenge. Manual resolution of these conflicts often leads to errors and consumes valuable development time. However, a promising solution […]

5 minutes read | May 16, 2024



A Roadmap through the DevOps Lifecycle

The DevOps lifecycle has emerged as a game-changer in the rapidly changing world of software development, enabling seamless communication between development and operations teams to enable efficient and dependable product delivery. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, automation, and close team alignment, DevOps enables businesses to quicken the development cycle and launch high-quality products […]

5 minutes read | Apr 20, 2024



How Data Analytics Can Help in Making Business Decisions 

Businesses today are overwhelmed with massive amounts of data from many sources, such as consumer interactions, market trends, and operational indicators. Given that it holds the key to revealing priceless insights that motivate informed decision-making, making sense of this data has become a critical strategic need.  Data analytics, the process of evaluating and interpreting data […]

4 minutes read | Apr 20, 2024



What is User Experience (UX) and Its Importance in Today’s Digital World

User Experience (UX) is a term used to describe how users feel about a system, product, or service in general and how satisfied they are with it in particular when using it in a digital context. It incorporates all elements of user interaction, including emotions, attitudes, and perceptions. The user experience (UX) of any digital […]

7 minutes read | Nov 17, 2023

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