Software as a Service (SaaS) ISVs

Reduce product lifecycle cost by 65% through ODC
From building SaaS MVP to scaling the product reach users globally, PalTech has 20 years of experience in handling product lifecycles. Our cross-functional teams can quickly align with your SaaS vision and frees you up from product development, modernization while you can focus on marketing & monetization.

SaaS Verticals We Serve

Develop platforms to improve learning experience and evaluation with gamification as foundation
Build products to modernize customer interactions – brick & mortal to e-commerce to mobile app
Implement systems that can connect with medical devices, provider, physician, and payer ecosystem
Design products that can automate ap, ar, taxation, reconciliation, and financial workflows
Create products that can handle the claim creation, processing, distribution, and administration
Innovate products that can integrate supply chain from order creation to fulfilment to last mile delivery
Develop platforms that can connect buyer and seller with data & ai recommendations as backbone
AI SaaS Product
Extend AI product suit by developing web components, algorithms, data pipelines and customs APIs
Data Platforms
Develop analytical apps, reporting layer, messaging, data processing engines and data lakes
Enterprise Platforms
Build intranet products to handle enterprise operations with a powerful low-code admin panel

Our Technology Accelerator Services for SaaS ISVs

Technology Assessment

Recommend the right architecture & tool mixture to be able create an ecosystem not just a product

Customer Experience

Create seamless user onboarding flow, omni-channel experience, and user driven customization.

Product Development

Build product line-up with reusable code components and automated testing and deployment

Product Improvements

Make the product scalable, secured, reliable, and cost-effective by modernizing as per business fit

Technical Debt Removal

Find and eliminate the contingent liabilities of the product that can affect the quality & evolvability

Cloud Optimization

Correct the cloud resources selection, billing model, monitoring for optimal infra configuration

DB, DWH & Analytics

Create a product data ecosystem that works effortlessly with internal, 3rd party & user transactions

Custom API Development

Design monetizable API to expose your product functionalities & data as per the subscription plan

Next-Gen Technologies

Embed the technology trends into your product – RPA, OCE, IA, NLP, Computer Vision, ChatGPT.

Tech Center Excellence

Create a performance engineering QA team to offload you from testing and automate process YoY.

Monitoring & Performance

Watch performance trends of your product 24*7, set server alerts and configure risk thresholds.

Application & DBA Services

Resolve your product issues, handle data migrations, investigate the root cause and perform fixes

Our Software Product Lifecycle Offering to HealthTech

Customer Relation Management (CRM)
For customer service, lead management, campaign automation & sales executive revenue tracking
Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
Design for all types of users, admins & departments – R&D, regulatory audit, supply-chain, sales & customer support
Transportation Management System (TMS)
For load planning, fleet management, route optimization, driver communication & documentation
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
For inventory tracking, demand management, capacity planning, picking, assembly & packing
Learning Management System (LMS)
For employee training content creation, course management, progress tracking & discussion forums
Point of Sale System (POS)
For billing, invoice generation, inventory demand management, loyalty programs & sales reporting
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
For sample management, instrument integration, procedure execution, and data management
Health Information Management System (HIMS)
For patient registration, appointment scheduling, EHR/EMR integration, and OPD/IPD management
Customer Data Platform (CDP)
For a single customer view by ingesting data from online & offline sources with real-time processing
Telehealth Platform
For appointment scheduling, prescription management, video consultations and EHR integration
IoT Device Management Platform
For device & sensor integration, edge computing, cloud integration, visual insights & risk alerts
Subscription Management Software
For data/feature monetization via APIs, catalogue planning, user management, billing & payment

HealTech ISV Lifecycle & Our Addition at Each Stage

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