Retail & CPG Industry

Improve order-to-cash cycle through digital advancements
Improving customer experience, tracking user behaviour trends, unorganized data management and eliminating the gaps in finance processes are the challenges of retail players – which we focus on solving through our below offerings.

Retail Industry Segments We Serve

Brick & Mortar Stores
Developed a custom Point of Sale (POS) application with Inventory & Reward Management Systems
Speciality Retailer
Implemented a B2B Order Entry, Processing Fulfilment system to support Dropshipping business model
Designed a CMS based e-Commerce site with heatmap tracking, campaigning & wallet functionality
Developed a Booking Management Solution to organize 300+ restaurant chain with zero intermediary
Retail Tech
Built a Loyalty Management Platform on order history data to provide special discounts, offers and run campaigns

What’s the next big thing in Retail

We assess your digital maturity and help you modernize your digital strategy to withstand the
market competition, adopt new business models and delight customers.

Our Offerings for Retail Payers

Platform Development
Develop futureproof B2C e-Commerce portals, B2B Order Management Solutions, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Supplier Portals and CXO Insights Apps
System Integrations
Integrate the Retail Ecosystem – Customers, Partners and Suppliers via proprietary, secured and monetizable APIs. Manage middleware by following retail specific EDI protocol communication.
Data Management
Design an NLP driven call centre CRM & analytics platform to automate thousands of member queries and update the peripheral LOB systems without manual effort.
COTS to Custom Conversion
Remove the burden of heavy licensing and hard to maintain commercial solutions by building secured custom applications leveraging the combination of modern programming + cloud + AI + partner APIs.
Artificial Intelligence
Design NLP driven user recommendation chatbots, CV driven visual search bots, customer service assistants, segmentation, demand prediction and optimal supply chain planning ML models.
Process Automation
Automate order approvals workflows, supplier query resolutions, accounts payable, accounts receivables, semi- structured data transfer between systems, and finance reconciliation processes.
Legacy Migration
Consolidate repeated solutions or sunset hard to maintain solutions or eliminate the technical debt through application and data portfolio rationalisation and recommending the best fit modern solution.
Rapid Application Development
Implement CMS or off-the-shelf platform driven rapidly deployable websites, online stores, customer login portals, supplier login portals, admin panels, mobile apps and CXO dashboards.

Solutions we have delivered across

PalTech has delivered the below Order 2 Cash digital solutions for our retail industry clients to enhance their customer experiences, optimize operations, and drive business growth.

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