Cloud-Native Development

Build scalable applications on modern cloud environments
Cloud Native Development
We help you build resilient applications using cloud-native architecture, modern APIs, and dynamically scalable storage & compute services

Cloud Native Development Services

Cloud Native Development
Cloud Consulting
We define an enterprise cloud strategy and architecture by conducting a detailed assessment on your existing infrastructure, applications, integration points, data storage and data compute mechanism.
Cloud Native Development
The Twelve Factor Cloud Native Apps
We apply the twelve-factor application methodology as a foundational layer to design cloud-native applications that can be easily scalable, isolatable, deployable, and maintainable using modern cloud stack.
Cloud Native Development
Microservices Architecture
We build your enterprise applications as a distributed set of small and independent services, each with its own datastore, logic and state – result in evolving the application modules without affecting the others.
Cloud Native Development
Cloud Consumable Services
We let you leverage the AWS, Azure and GCP provided consumable services like data stores, cache mechanism, computing power, message brokers, 24*7 monitoring & alerting and identification & authorization services.
Cloud Native Development
API First Development
We APIfy your applications by building REST & SOAP APIs using JSON & XML messaging formats and make your application modules as a consumable service by front ends, gateways, devices and other application services.
Cloud Native Development
Cloud Infrastructure Automation
We implement the concept of Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) to automate the platform provisioning and application deployment by declaring the cloud infrastructure as a reusable script across QA, staging and production.
Cloud Native Development
CI/CD Pipeline System
We design continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines using tools like GitHub, Jenkins and Ansible to have each release unique, separate across environments, and supporting the ability to roll back.
Cloud Native Development
Monitoring, Logging & Auditing
We monitor your applications performance, response times, demand spikes, user experience, database usage metrics using modern tracking platforms like Newrelic and Dynatrace for debugging and risk prevention.
Cloud Native Development
Cloud Native Application Maintenance
We maintain the performance & quality of your applications through regular version & feature upgrades, security patching, troubleshooting, quick bug fixing, workflow corrections, API tuning and TCO reduction.

Cloud Native Development Principles

Performance Efficiency

Efficiently scale the cloud storage and compute capabilities to meet the dynamic needs of customers

Operational Excellence

Run and manage applications effortlessly to make continuous improvements and faster releases


Make data available all the time using auto-recovering, backups and workload management


Implement cybersecurity principles to secure the data from development to deployment

Cost Optimization

Reduce Cloud Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through yearly tier and pay-as-you-go models

Customer FAQs & Our Responses

1. How do you choose the right architecture?

We analyze your product vision, feature evolution, performance, availability, and security requirements to choose the right solution architecture that is easily maintainable, testable, isolatable and works seamlessly with your existing ecosystem. Our Solution Architect and Functional SME will organize a whiteboarding session and recommend the best fit among the proven AWS / Azure / Google Cloud Architectures.

2. How do you choose the right tools & technologies?

We continuously observe the market reports on top programming languages, frameworks, databases, web servers, and serverless cloud stack, evaluating them against time to design, cost of development, support community, and security breach history. Then we pick the right tools & technologies based on your business case, delivery timelines, peripheral tech stack, system load, userbase, and skillset availability to support in the future.

3. What coding, testing, and deployment practices do you follow?

We follow the 12 Factor App Methodology for building scalable, independent, and resilient enterprise products. It defines best practices for developing Software as a Service focusing on service level codebase separation, dev/test/prod environment parity, infra as a code creation, build separation, and deployment automation. We also follow the CAP theorem for creating a distributed data store system to overcome unavailability and network failure.

4. How do you ensure a smoother transition from an incumbent vendor?

We collect your application’s technical, functional, process, and domain knowledge from your incumbent vendor or in-house team through our proven knowledge acquisition and validation practices. In scenarios of no documentation or limited SME support, we assign a cross-functional team to do the reverse engineering on your ecosystem and create a portfolio knowledge repository with as-is and to-be roadmap documentation.

5. What project management and governance methodologies do you follow?

We follow an agile project delivery model with a two-week sprint cycle to create frequent team connections, increase visibility, reduce knowledge gaps, and accommodate scope changes quickly based on user feedback. Our project delivery CoE – a team of technical and functional experts acts as a support system for audits, training, and guidance. Our Project Manager and Client Partner work as risk mitigation managers and prevent unexpected outcomes.

Cloud Development Partner You Need

Cloud Native Development

The Lean Startups

Innovation, newness, and investor attraction are the Startup foundations. With you, we act as a lean technology partner and integrate plug-n-play tools + cloud APIs + web frameworks with custom development to rapidly deliver user-lovable & monetizable MVPs.

Cloud Native Development

Small & Mid-size Enterprises (SME)

New customer acquisition, operations optimizations, and seamless business transactions would be your destination. We help you in this journey by creating cloud solutions with 99.99% availability, in-built workflow automation & self-service capabilities.

Cloud Native Development

The Big Enterprises

Integrating business processes, subsidiaries, customers, and suppliers to create a cloud-based intranet & single source of truth systems could be your focus area. We provide product engineering teams at scale to translate your vision into reality.

Our Key Technology Coverage

Cloud Native Development

Why Choose Us?

Up to 40% faster time-to-market using frameworks & libraries

Partnerships and Support plans with AWS & Azure Cloud providers

Up to 30% reduction in OPEX cost through monitoring

Technical Debt & Product Scope Creep eliminated

Up to 60% reduction in the cost of defects through RCA

Cloud Native Apps backed by Solution Architect + Functional SME

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