Managed Team Extension

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Managed Team Extension
Extensive knowledge and proven methods meticulously combined to build innovative digital products, provide excellent customer experiences, and upskill business teams for the future.
Managed Team Extension

A Proven Approach To Digital Product Development

For years, PalTech has been custom-building digital products and helping businesses get ready for the future. The managed team extension is the keystone to flexible, repeatable, expedited, and quality-driven digital delivery.

Our Managed Team Extension Model

Thoughtfully crafted methodologies, digitally advanced technologies, and meticulously implemented practices are the core pillars of managed team extension model. Explore more components that go behind every successful build.

Managed Team Extension
Skilled experts passionate about technology building work collaboratively with clients to co-create custom digital products and experiences that drive real and measurable business outcomes.
Managed Team Extension
Multidisciplinary Teams
Diverse and interdisciplinary teams work on all areas of product development, like product design, engineering, automation, data analytics, etc., to create and deliver successful next-gen products.
Managed Team Extension
Complete scalability, flexibility, and agility to solve critical business problems. We help you create the right team for your business requirements and ramp down as the project progresses or as required by the client.
Managed Team Extension
Proven Methodology
Fast delivery speed and unmatched quality is the main aim of our product engineering methodology.

Digital Products Crafted With Perfection

With years of experience in delivering custom products to clients, we have learned that digitally advanced products are made up of four components:

Look and Feel fo the product

Design – UI/UX

Custom build highly aesthetic products that keep user glued to your products and provide a great experience.

Brain of the Product

Data Engineering, AI & ML

Data engineering and ML are embedded into every part of the product to deliver intelligent digital products.

Tech Stack Behind Product

Advanced Tech Stack

Cutting-edge technology to build updated and technically advanced products that rule the market.

Automation of the Product

Modern Platforms

Modern and automated platforms ensure scalable, agile, and resilient products that bring value to the business.


Managed Team Extension


Managed Team Extension

High Tech Products

Multidisciplinary team, working together as one unit and combining their skill sets to address technological challenges of any scale. Whether custom application development, legacy app modernization, enterprise cloud migrations, or data analytics, we have a team for everything your business requires.

Managed Team Extension
Product Engineering
Skilled team of product engineers works rigorously to rapidly build products and ensure clean coding to help businesses achieve remarkable outcomes.
Managed Team Extension
Product Strategy
Even before building the product, the team plans and strategizes each step of the product development cycle to keep the process on track.
Managed Team Extension
Product Quality
Products are delivered in an iterative and agile way to ensure no compromise to quality.
Managed Team Extension
Product Ownership
Certified team of experts works collaboratively with clients, leverages cutting-edge technologies, and utilizes the best skills to convert client requirements into realistic products.
Managed Team Extension
Platform Engineering
Product engineering, product architecture, product automation, be it anything, there’s a solution and a team to handle everything.
Managed Team Extension
Product Reliability
Proficient team of product engineers ensures the product’s reliability throughout the product lifecycle by managing systems and software in an automated manner.
Managed Team Extension
Product Design
Aesthetically designed and user-friendly products to keep users glued to the products and deliver unmatched customer experience.
Managed Team Extension
Data Engineering
Data is the pivot to all products we create and helps bind products together to deliver great digital experiences.
Managed Team Extension
Advanced Technology
We use data intelligence and advanced technologies like AI/ML to create next-gen, intelligent products that scale with your business.

Ideation to Execution

PEM is PalTech’s in-house version of the agile software development approach. It enables us to maintain value throughout the product lifecycle, deliver high-quality products to customers, and help them reach the market faster.

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Managed Team Extension


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