Product Oriented Delivery (POD)

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Product Oriented Delivery
Hire Your Product Oriented Delivery (POD) Team
Product Oriented Delivery
Product Oriented Delivery

What is in it for our clients?

Hyper-growth start-ups, ISVs and new-age enterprises

Due to the dynamic nature of the software development market, it is essential that product development methods be as effective as possible. Here is what you get with our Product Oriented Delivery:

  • Ability to accelerate different innovations and new opportunities on the fly
  • Opportunity to work with a highly flexible team that can stand alone against multiple challenges
  • Leverage an Independent team structure for parallel project execution
  • Center of Excellence (CoE) Expertise support- comes with combining technical expertise with in-depth knowledge of the client’s domain
  • Stay ahead with the ever-evolving process that offers greater flexibility and faster project delivery times

PalTech Approach

Enables PODs to be client-dedicated, cross-functional, agile teams that deliver sustainable innovation and results

  • We build agile PODs, a team of seasoned individuals with a product mindset
  • POD members are clustered together around a common goal
  • Each POD member is also a “domain owner” supported by a “domain sub-owner”
  • Our PODs hold expertise in cloud-scale architectures and best-in-class engineering tools & practices
  • Our custom solution accelerators & reusable components lead to a significant reduction in product development efforts
  • We build PODs that respond to rapidly changing customer needs and requirements
  • Our client-focused PODs are progressively discovered, prioritized, and realized in short development cycles
  • We follow CoE methodology for Project Governance
  • Effective Communication and Reporting Plan
  • Established Risk Governance and Mitigation Process
Product Oriented Delivery

POD Structure

Product Oriented Delivery

Our Resource Pool to Customise Your POD

UX Designer

UI Developer



Mobile Developer

Manual Testing

QA Automation

DevOps Engineer

AWS/Azure Cloud


Solution Architect

API Integration Specialist

Data Management Expert

Database Engineer

Business Intelligence


Big Data Engineer

Data Scientist

Project Manager

Business Analyst

Scrum Master

Product Owner

Product Manager

Independent Team Structure for Parallel Project Execution

Product Oriented Delivery

Current Agile PODs at PalTech


UI/UX, App Delivery


RPA, Machine Learning & AI

Agile Architecture

Cloud, DevOps

Data Engineering

Data Architecture, Data Science Modelling & Visualization

Our Engagement Model is transparent and follows short SOW cycles and simple pricing – per POD per sprint on meeting agreed-on sprint outcomes.

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