Ecommerce Platform & Mobile Application for a Pharma Retailer

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Developed an easily manageable e-Commerce suit with powerful admin portal for easy product configurations, marketing campaigns, user behavioral tracking and reminders.


  • Designed a lightweight B2B e-Commerce portal that integrates client with customers and suppliers.
  • Developed a customer portal where the customers can track their invoices, credit history, accounts payables and manage payments.
  • Developed a supplier portal that helps suppliers to login and update their product offerings, price, offers and accounts receivables.  
  • Implemented a dashboard to easily navigate daily orders, top selling products, hot geographies and outstanding or orders stuck.
  • Integrated with Send grid email notification systems and automated rules for timely updates and reminders.

Key Features

  • Self-configurable e-Commerce admin portal
  • Mobile compatibility e-Commerce interface
  • Prescription loading and OCR based analysis
  • Order cancellation and reverse fulfilment
Key Metrics

Reduction in order creation time


Increase in Loyalty coupons conversion


Improvement in order fulfilment


e-commerce extensions integrated

Technology Stack