Mobile Service App for Ecommerce

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Developing a cross-platform mobile app for existing web app to suit complex B2B and B2C service delivery environments where multiple technicians can undertake work on the same service call request, or where maintenance schedules for multiple items of equipment can be managed efficiently and effectively by a single technician.


  • Enabled technicians to access their schedule and view their time sheets
  • Technicians can log, view or update their work hours using Transactions
  • To ensure the safety of technicians, implemented Safety Questions and Work Instructions for Task or Service Call assigned
  • Using Preventive Maintenance Runs technicians can perform maintenance activity for Equipment on weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Implemented Proof of Presence for transactions in Service call as part of commercial compliance, where onsite technicians are required to obtain customer signature as proof
  • Barcode scanning feature provides flexibility to load the equipment into app by just scanning the serial code present on them
  • Administrator has control over the navigation flow, display elements, forms and their validations

Key Features

  • Bar Code Scanning & Equipment Search
  • Recorded Times & Timesheets
  • Transactions
  • Proof of Presence
  • Safety Questions & Work Instructions
  • Preventive Maintenance for Equipment
Key Metrics

Improvement in App Performance using Offline DB & Cache

Improvement in Startup time due to optimization in initial load APIs

Technology Stack