No one can deny that change is the only constant in this discipline, and the Agile process allows us to embrace the alterations and adjustments required. Over the last year, there has been a notable degree of change. We initiated and completed projects, had teammates join and leave, said goodbye to work-from-home options, re-adapted to operating from the office, met wonderful new clients, and reconciled with some fantastic former ones.

However, one recurring thread stands out throughout all the transformations we underwent over the preceding year: there is always a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. So, to put it simply, problem-solving is what we do day in and day out.

Figuring It out

One thing that occurs to me when we talk about this issue is how similar our predicament is to that of a sailor who gets lost in the choppy seas and ends up stranded on a barren island. He is well aware that it would take days for him to get assistance, and all he sees is miles and miles of water in front of him and a dense, uncharted forest behind.

He realizes that he might either be eaten alive by the island’s wild creatures or starve to death; however, giving up is not an option. So, the best course of action in his interest is to gather courage and explore the island. Search for natural food and water sources, find a place to rest safely, and eventually, try and figure out ways to contact someone for help.

At Paltech, this method of problem-solving is one that we admire and have incorporated into our approach. Just like the lost sailor, we consistently try to prepare ourselves for situations when everything turns against us while working on a project. And rather than giving up on the situation, we embrace it and start looking for effective answers by proceeding one step after the other. Before taking any action, we figure out the problems that need to be resolved, come up with solutions, and address each issue one at a time.

Wrapping up

We believe every team member needs to inculcate leadership qualities while dealing with complicated business challenges and ever-changing project variables. They must come up with sound strategies even with limited resources and assistance. This way, we can successfully resolve numerous issues for our clients and build great relationships with remarkable people along the way.