One of the things that we find most fulfilling about working at Pal Tech is the culture of teamwork we have cultivated. Our team mentality is essential to that culture, which emphasizes pitching in and helping out on problems because collective experience is the key to our success.  
We often break down big projects into easy-to-handle phases and begin each sprint with a planning exercise where our teams curate a list of all the tasks required to conclude the sprint. Each task is then assigned to an individual team member.  

Team members are encouraged to own the task based on the expected extent of their contribution. When they are willing to help in different areas outside of their usual domain, two things happen: 

  1. The team as a whole is better able to meet its sprint commitments.
  2. Individual team members gain valuable knowledge and experience in new areas. 

This benefits everyone involved and helps create a more well-rounded and versatile team. The group can move to the “performing” phase more quickly if they can work together effectively. 

Our team functions best when we collaborate closely and frequently inspect or demo our progress. These activities help us ensure that we are making the most of our sprints and allow us to identify areas that need improvement. Being able to show a fully tested or final product is not always possible. However, we can still provide demos of working applications, design documents, test case documents, screen mockups, or code reviews.  

Each team member, including our clients (since they are also part of the team), is encouraged to partake in these reviews. As a result, engagement is enhanced, and the team is more accountable for what is being delivered. 

It is our team members who make our projects successful. Together, we have a greater experience than we could have individually.