Ed Tech Web Application for Teachers and Students

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Developed a web application platform where teachers can interact, share knowledge and provide efficient education to students


  • The application was built to provide high quality education to students virtually for all ages
  • The application provides ability for both Teachers and  Students to attend classes/sessions from classroom or remotely(from their own places)
  • Assessment of a students can be done through various types of tests
  • The Application connects certified Live Teachers across the globe to various schools and classrooms
  • Sessions can be recorded and stored for further reference to students
  • Various kinds of reports such as their assessments, attendance, their feedback etc. are tracked and shared with schools
  • Enabled various server management mechanisms to handle load based on situations

Key Features

  • Virtual Learning
  • Real-time Teacher Student communication
  • Record and store live sessions
  • Personalized Curriculums
  • Assessment of students
  • Instructor/ Faculty data
  • Performance of the application
Key Metrics

Personalized Session timings and durations

Student scores & Performance tracking

Reduced manual effort in managing vast data for reorts

Technology Stack