Migrating data from On-premise to Azure Cloud

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Helped client to reduce costs and to support a higher functioning it infrastructure. Also migrated their existing on-premise SSIS packages to azure cloud provider in various phases.


  • Analysis of existing system for cloud migration
  • Prepare plan for creating data bricks notebooks for each SSIS package
  • Implement Kafka to get real time data from P21 systems and load to Data lake
  • Implement Data Factory to get data from other sources and load to Data lake
  • Implement data bricks notebooks to load incremental data in data lake to Azure SQL Data warehouse
  • Migrate Power BI reports for Analytical data
  • Update existing data model based on data/reporting needs
  • Implement Audit Control and Balance
  • Migrate Crystal reports for operational data

Key Features

  • Real-time Reporting
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Data Migration from OnPrem to Cloud
  • Processing real time data
Key Metrics

Faster batch cycle load

Reduction in unplanned downtimes

Accurate Real time data



Technology Stack