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Custom Software Development
Attracting the investors building market lovable products, adding innovation into your products instead duplication, eliminating the technical debt & scaling globally are the challenges of the HealthTech companies – which we focus onsolving through our below offerings.

Healthcare Insurance Segments We Serve

Custom Software Development
Front Office Collaboration Product ISVs
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Medical Practice Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Hospital Operations
Custom Software Development
Telemedicine Product ISVs
  • Telehealth
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Health Communities
  • Logistics & Care Navigation 
Custom Software Development
Fitness & Wellness Product ISVs
  • Personal Health Management
  • Home Care
  • Diet Consultation
  • Wearables & Sensors
Custom Software Development
IoT Driven Medical Device Technology Product ISVs
  • Vitals Monitoring
  • Connected Inhalers
  • Ingestible Sensors
  • Depression & Mood Monitoring
Custom Software Development
e-Pharmacy Product ISVs
  • e-Marketplaces
  • Order Management
  • Custom prescription
  • Physician Connect
Custom Software Development
Digital Health Insurance Product ISVs
  • Personalised Health Plans
  • Omni channel Experience
  • AI powered Chatbots
  • Customer Data Analysis
Custom Software Development
Healthcare Analytics Product ISVs
  • Healthcare Data Integration
  • FHIR HL7 Connectivity
  • Cloud Migration s
  • EDW & Self Service Analytic
Custom Software Development
AI Decision Support System Product ISVs
  • Medical Image Anatomic

  • Classification & Detection
  • Diagnosis Accuracy
  • Drug Discovery Clinical TrailsAnalytic
  • Drug Discovery
  • Clinical Trails
Custom Software Development
Digital Therapeutics (DTx) ISVs
  • Preventive Care
  • Exercise & Diet plans.
  • Symptoms Tracking
  • Real Time Personalized Treatment
Custom Software Development
Geonomics Product ISVs
  • Lab Information Management
  • Clinical Workflows
  • NLP Engines
  • Pattern Recognition

Our Software Product Lifecycle Offering to HealthTech

Custom Software Development
Co-innovate healthtech products that connects patients, providers, payers, pharmacy & medical devices
Custom Software Development
Design for all types of users, admins & technologies – aging patients, big data, virtual reality & artificial intelligence
Custom Software Development
Develop HealthTech products that are decentralized, personalized & value-based following HIPAA regulations
Custom Software Development
Add testing from the inception to validate performance against functionality, integrations & compliance
Custom Software Development
Eliminate the technical debt, perform version upgrades, migrate COTS to OpenSource
Custom Software Development
Reduce OPEX by moving storage, compute, network & security to private cloud environments
Custom Software Development
Connect fragmented healthcare ecosystem of SaaS, mobile apps, sensors via secured APIs & regulated EDIs
Custom Software Development
Scale products to larger users by resolving their queries & issues following agreed SLA’s

HealthTech ISV Lifecycle & Our Addition at Each Stage

Custom Software Development

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15 Years of experience in healthcare & life sciences domain

Expertise with standards HIPAA, HL7, FHIR, ICD, CPT, DICOM

Handled provider, payer & healthtech digital lifecycle

Certified healthcare consultants for a seamless transition

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