Life Sciences

Transform life sciences from research to commercialization
At PalTech, we utilize the combination of Web + Data + AI technologies to digitize the life sciences value chain – accelerate research & development, optimize the manufacturing & supply chain, and improve the sales & marketing experience.

Life Science Segments We Serve

From digitizing R&D with FDA regulations compliance to enhancing customer experience – we built portals and secured single source of truth systems with self- service analytics.
Digital Health
From telehealth patient monitoring platforms to self-service wellness apps integrated with sensors–we developed modern cloud solutions with dynamic scaling & fault-tolerance
Medical Devices
From subscription- based wellness software as a medical device to laboratory equipment management platforms – we designed with the power of IoT, SDKs, APIs, web & mobile
From quality & safety management platforms to feature-heavy order management solutions – we implemented with automated workflows, seamless data transfer and FDA compliance

Our Software Product Lifecycle Offering to HealthTech

Co-innovate life sciences products that connects patients, medical devices, pharmacy & laboratories
Design for all types of users, admins & departments – R&D, regulatory audit, supply-chain, sales & customer support
Develop MedTech products that are decentralized, personalized and value-based following FDA regulations
Add testing from the inception to validate performance against performance, medical device effectiveness & integrations
Eliminate the technical debt, perform version upgrades, support new regulations, COTS to OpenSource
Build secured data repositories by moving storage, compute, network & security to private cloud environments
Connect fragmented life sciences ecosystem of SaaS, mobile apps, patient’s & provider’s medical devices via APIs & EDIs
Maintain critical applications 24*7 by critical issues resolving, perform batch migrations & security updates

Life Sciences Digital Opportunities we can fulfil across Value Chain

Discovery & Preclinical

• AI-driven Advanced Research Tools
• NLP-driven Knowledge Management Portals
• Data Mining for Patterns & Personalized Treatment
• Decision-Support System for Drug Discovery

Clinical Development

• Upstream & Downstream System Workflow Optimization
• Apps, Platforms & Data Repositories Integration
• Manufacturing 4.0-based IIoT Solutions
• Labor Intensive Clinical Trail Process Automation through RPA

Regulatory Compliance

• FDA Compliant Robust Applications Development
• Re-engineering Non-Compliant Data Stores & Platforms
• Clinical Digital Asset Management
• Immutable Audit & Log Mechanism Implementation


• Platforms for Clinical Trails Reconciliation & Event Management
• Apps for Case Management, Approvals, & e-Submissions
• Robust Reporting Engine to run Serf Service Queries
• OCR applications to eliminate redundant Data Entry

Supply Chain Visibility

• Order Management Solutions
• Warehouse Management Solutions
• Transportation Management Solutions
• Real-time Visibility & Tracking Features

Sales & Marketing

• Customer Relationship Management
• Product Marketing Solutions Integration
• Customer & Supplier – Digital Vetting & Onboarding
• e-Contact Management & Automatic Renewals

Why Choose Us?

15 Years of experience in healthcare & life sciences domain

Expertise with standards HIPAA, HL7, FHIR, ICD, CPT, DICOM

Handled provider, payer & healthtech digital lifecycle

Certified healthcare consultants for a seamless transition